Tony Romo Sues NFL for $1 Million

Recently, the Dallas Cowboys star quarterback has decided to sue the NFL for $1 million dollars, simply because the NFL refused to let players participate in a fantasy football convention he organized last year in Las Vegas. The NFL decided that the event violated league wide rules that players could not attend events at places in which any form of gambling took place. The building in which the event was to be held was attached to a casino. Michael Hurst, who is a attorney for the Pinker Cox & Hurst Law Firm, and also the lawyer who will be representing Romo is quoted saying, “If they want to say that it does violate the so-called gambling policy, we disagree with that, but if they say that it’s fine, then you enforce it uniformly, but they have turned a blind eye towards it on every other occasion except this one.”

A few months ago, former quarterback for the Cleveland Browns was seen in photos posted online, of him in Las Vegas, after he reportedly called in sick, and was unable to attend team workouts. It is safe to say that during his visit, he was gambling since the photo posted by a fan, revealed him being present in a casino, which constitutes as a gambling environment. Could this be the NFL’s way of making an example out of Romo, or could it be a deep hatred that the NFL has for the Cowboys in general? It is well known that the Cowboys are not well liked throughout the league, simply because they are seen as America’s favorite team, and have a bit of a bad boy mentality about them. It is also well known that they tend to gamble on acquiring highly possible problematic players who have some type negative past.

It will be interesting to see if a federal court will take the claim serious or just dismiss it all together. It will also be interesting to see how the NFL will treat Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys for the years to come after filing a million dollar lawsuit against them.