The Meaner President For Robert Jeffress

Most Christian pastors would not out-rightly endorse a candidate for any political office, let alone the presidency. Robert Jeffress in Fort Worth is among them. He states that he does not feel that he should endorse any candidate because that would sway other voters. He desires his congregation, and other faithful Christians to weigh in on all factors with each candidate and then to make their own, personal decision.

He does state though that when considering a candidate for the Presidency he desires someone who would be mean. His reason for this is that when dealing with foreign leaders and ISIS that leader would need to have a solid backbone, be opinionated, and stand their ground. He does feel that Donald Trump could offer that type of strength to the office.

Elect ability is another facet that Jeffress considers important in the presidential race. He states that Mr Cruz is likable enough, but may not really have a chance to win the election based on polls and other personality factors. Leadership experience is another huge point when considering candidates.

Leadership can be difficult. Even with a small business leadership can prove to be a huge challenge. If the candidate has no experience with leadership and that experience did not turn out well, how are they to lead the American people? This is something that we all must consider.

Jeffress does state that he does quite favor Donald Trump. He is a strong leader who has a proven track record and can get things done. He says that an endorsement would simply be wrong because of his position. He wants people to feel free to choose the people to lead them that they feel comfortable with.

Does Jeffress ever tackle the issues? His response is of course! Issues are rife throughout the Bible and he lectures on them every week. Although when dealing with the issues like poverty, immorality, and sexual preferences it is done based on the Biblical text and not some political agenda.