The Career of James Dondero

James Dondero co founded the investment firm Highland Capital Management in the early 1990’s. Since the year 1990, Dondero has gradually expanded his company by making it one of the more reputable financial services firms in the world. One of the things that James has used to distinguish his firm is to offer the management of debt backed securities. As a result, he has been in position to help a number of investors more efficiently manage their investment portfolio. While Dondero has experienced most of his success as an entrepreneur, he worked in the finance industry as an employee for a number of years. He served as both a credit investment analyst as well as an investment manager. These positions gave him lots of valuable experience to eventually start up his own financial services firm.

Before James worked in the finance industry, he attended college to get educated in the field. He majored in accounting and finance and completed a bachelor’s degree in both programs at the University of Virginia. At Virginia, James would graduate with high honors and establish himself as one of the top students. He would move on to begin his career as a credit analyst at an investment firm. While working at this position, James would oversee and analyze a number of credit backed securities. Over the course of his career James would attain a senior level position. When working at this position, James oversaw billions of dollars and managed this capital for a number of top major corporations. These experiences enabled James to be in position to start up his own company in the near future.

After working for investment firms as an employee, James would then start up his own firm. In 1990, he co founded his firm as a company that specialized in providing life insurance products. In its first few years it was a reputable company that provided quality life insurance policies to consumers. However, James looked to add on more services to meet the growing demands of his clients. Over the next several years, his firm would begin offering products such as equity securities and services such as wealth management and investment advisory. By the late 1990’s, James introduced collateralized loan obligations as yet another product for investors to take advantage of. Today the firm has expanded to other locations such as New York City, Singapore, South Korea and Brazil.