Lofty Dreams for Dallas’ Trail System

The city of Dallas has approximately 50 miles of beautiful trails. The dilemma? The trails are currently separate entities without any unifying connection systems.

Dallas would benefit tremendously by having the trails connected as they are seen as an economy boost.

The trails are a great attraction for the tourists and an excellent and scenic way for residents to enjoy the true beauty of the city.

What’s the Hold Up?

The project to link all of the trails together comes with a hefty price tag – $56 million. In just the last few months, the Circuit Trail Conservancy has raised $23 million in private monies toward this project. That coupled with the donations and funds already assigned to the project leave a $20 million dollar balance that would need to come from bond money. Supporters say it’s well worth it, but getting that remaining money is going to quite a challenge.

Not Your Average Trail

The trails currently run along Trinity River and will be connected to allow access to White Rock Lake and the Trinity River Audubon Center. They would ultimately link North, South and East Dallas.

The Loop, as the project is called, is an ambitious endeavor and promises water parks and the like if all the funds are realized. There are bridges connecting downtown to the Design District so that people could bike or walk the connection to reach their destination.

Potential Assistance

There was a generous donation of $50 million left to Trinity Park. It remains to be seen if any of that money will be dedicated to the trail project. With only $20 million left to go, a chunk of that $50 million would go a long way to seeing the project financial goals met.

One thing is certain, if and when Dallas can get these trails connected the city would have added a huge attraction for tourists. There is also the hope for increased property values given the effect that the Katy Trail had on the Upland area. Land there sat unused and vacant and then property values soared into billions.

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