Discover How To Save More For College Today

NexBank is proud to announce a recent merger with College Savings Bank that will allow their customers to save more money than ever before. Many parents are struggling to help their children pay for a college education and thousands of students incur federal student loan debt. They are looking for a way to reduce the cost of college and College Savings Bank will still help their customers save with 529+ savings programs for their customers. The president of their Texas office says that NexBank wants this to be a smooth transaction for everyone so they will allow College Savings Bank to operate under their same name and likeness.

Ironically, NexBank has been around for over 50 years proudly serving the local community . They are headquartered in Texas and was recently named the fastest growing online bank from a PRN News article. You have the option of watching your money grow in your new account instead of just sitting there. NexBank wants to ensure that your money gets flexibility and that their customers have the option to earn while they save. NexBank offers a unique list of services through their bank and you can easily open an online account and have access to your money right away.

Services Offered By NexBank

– Free checks
– Free deposit
– Online bill pay
– Mortgage accounts
– IRA’s
and much more…

If you’re interested in buying a new home NexBank can help you with low mortgage payments and low interest. Buying a home is a huge financial investment and you want to have a bank that is willing to back you up financially. They have helped thousands of people get their dream home at an affordable rate. You’re encouraged to visit the official NexBank website for details or to start your own account today.

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