Dallas Cowboys Future Prospects

Fans are probably still very upset over the heartbreaking loss the Dallas Cowboys had to Green Bay Packers Sunday. It will probably take a very long time for hardcore fans to get over that tremendous loss. However, one person still thinks that the future is looking bright for the Dallas Cowboys. Actor, Matthew McConaughey states that he sees a bright future for the Dallas Cowboys team because they are a young team. The Dallas Cowboys kissed their chances of participating in the NFL playoffs goodbye on Sunday. However, McConaughey believes fans should not get discouraged.

Motivational Speaker
Certainly, few McConaughey fans realize that the actor is sort of a motivational speaker for football teams. First, it is important to note that the actor is actually a Washington Redskins’ fan. However, that does not stop him from giving advice to a struggling football team. He believes that the Dallas Cowboys should dust this loss to the Green Bay Packers off and get ready to do it all again. They are a young team. His hope is for the Redskins to move up the ranks and compete with the Dallas Cowboys in the near future.

Matthew McConaughey is a busy actor these days. He has a new movie, Gold, coming out in theaters on January 27.

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